Thanks for another great massage Bob! I’d love to get to the point where you didn’t have to work SO hard on my neck and shoulders! The relief I feel, for days, after your work is very noticeable.
- Anonymous

Wonderful massage! Sara has great attention to details and communicates well during the massage. I recommend the 90 minute! :)
- Phil

Great massage from Bob. Hit the rights places and helped me move again. Will be booking him again shortly before I head home.
- Pat

First time here and it was amazing!
- Sheri

I truly enjoyed my experience at Angel’s Hand and Body Work. Bob asked questions to begin with the ensure he was targeting the right areas and throughout the massage, he made sure to ask if I needed him to adjust the pressure or if I was comfortable!
- Stephanie

This week I had another wonderful massage by Sara. She has a healing gift and I appreciate her talent. I would highly recommend Sara for either relaxing your muscles or providing relief from body pains.
- Barb

My 60 minute massage experience at Angel’s Hand was excellent! This was my second time going and Bob always does an wonderful job making sure you are comfortable the entire time. He was very thorough and explained what he was doing throughout the massage. I would highly recommend Angel’s Hand for truly a great massage. I left feeling relaxed and less tense which was what I was looking for.
- Brianna R.

I had a great experience. Scheduling online was incredibly simple! Communication before the appointment was informative and courteous. There was no “buy-in” pressure, just a friendly and professional environment! Will definitely be scheduling again.
- Emily

Sara was excellent! She communicated well and was flexible in making the massage the way I wanted. The experience was seamless and felt great. It was one of, if not the, best massage of my life.
- Phil

I had not had a massage for almost 2years. It was such a wonderful experience to get back to doing it again. It was easy to make an appointment through a message on the phone and get the appointment through a text. I appreciated the skillful job that Sara did. She seems very experienced and had a lot of helpful comments during and after the massage.
- Marilyn

It was good, I have not been here yet so it was new. The masseuse did very well in digging in to my problem areas in my neck/shoulder region.
- Anonymous

I can not put into words what the massage by Robert did for me. I, let's just say have MANY medical issues that cause tension and stress in my neck, shoulders and upper back. After doing everything medically possible,massage therapy was dr recommended. I went to a couple places before finding rave reviews about Robert at Angel Hands. Previous massages did nothing as I needed INTENSE deep tissue relief and no one could get there; until I found Robert. I told him what was going on, where I needed attention and told him to use as much pressure as he thought i needed. He listened and while at times it was painful (not because of anything he did but just because my muscles were in that bad of relief!! And anyone who has had a deep tissue massage already knows the following day(s) leave you tender) I left feeling sore but more relaxed than I had in YEARS. He explained problem areas to me as he found them, gave me advice on how to ease the tension, and a referral to a chiropractor because he believes it can help too. He also emailed to check in and see how I was feeling. I may have just been once but all of this has made a recurring "patient"! I am already planning my next appointment and using his referral to hopefully get issues under control. If you are looking for a massage therapist that LISTENS AND HELPS, Robert at Angel Hands is DEFINITELY who you have been looking for and waiting to find. You will not be disappointed.
- Brandy

My fiance and I received a couples massage and everything was wonderful! Bob and Sara both did a great job and took the time before we started to figure out what we were looking for and special target areas we wanted them to spend some extra time on!
- Angel

I decided to schedule a couples massage on Valentine's Day to surprise my husband. I had to tell him because he gets nervous on things he has never done before. I saw Bob and Jason saw Sara, we can't tell you how much we were so relaxed, felt very comfortable and enjoyed every minute. We are going to hopefully go back once a month because it is time to focus on us for once. Thank you Bob and Sara for a great experience:)
- Sheila and Jason

It had a great experience! Sara was very considerate and made sure I was comfortable at all times. Definitely looking forward to the next session.
- Anonymous

Sara knows her stuff. I sure appreciated the great massage I had with her last week. My muscles thank her for making them more flexible. Now I can go into Christmas with less knots and soreness!
- Monica

Bob was great, my first massage and had a great experience. He was very professional and made me feel comfortable with the process. I will be back soon.
- Ciera

Sara is truly amazing! I have had many massages, but never thought they were great until I found her. I have a lot of tension in my neck, back, and shoulders but Sara always knows how to work out the knots and I leave feeling so light and refreshed. Sometimes I don't realize certain parts of my body are tight, but she always finds those spots and works them out without me having to tell her. I could give lots of examples but try her out yourself. You won't regret it!
- Jennifer

Best massage ever. Perfect amount of pressure. Focusing on my trouble areas but making sure to include the full body massage. Thank you Robert.
- Tonya

I just had a 60 minute massage with Sara and it was just what I needed. I hadn't been in for a few months, had to get past the holidays, so I scheduled an hour. I saw an hour available in the morning with Sara and I wasn't disappointed. I had pretty tight muscles in my back, shoulders, and neck and they were much better when I left. Sara knows what she's doing with my tired and tight muscles. She also has some really calming music that I enjoy!
- Monica

This was the best massage I have received. He was very thorough and made sure I was comfortable the entire time. I feel much better and was able to get some pain relief.
- Anonymous

I came into the appointment with such tense muscles causing discomfort. Bob was amazing and helped relieve all the tension that was built up. He listened and focused on where the tension was causing most of the discomfort. Overall this was the best experience I’ve ever had and I would love to come back for more of those satisfying experiences.
- Alex

I had a 30 minute massage last Sunday with Sara. It's my second massage with her and I sure appreciated her skill at massage! I use the half hour to focus on my shoulders, neck, and upper back since I recently lifted a lot of boxes and such in helping a family member move. Sara did a great job loosening up the tight ant tense muscles, especially in my neck. I also liked her choice in music, one or two were familiar to me. I absolutely recommend her as a massage therapist. It's nice to have two massage therapists to chose from now!
- Monica

I thought no one could compete with Bob on massages but Sarah did a great job untwisting my tight shoulder, back, and neck muscles when I had a massage with her for the first time. She's great, but then, she and Bob were trained in massage in the same class!
- Monica

Sara was very personable and professional and quickly made me feel at ease. She addressed my problem areas and still gave a great full body massage. She was communicative and receptive about the pressure, and I especially want to highlight the fantastic neck work she did. It was both relaxing and therapeutic.
- Melissa

Massage was awesome. Robert listened to and addressed all my concerns. Will definitely be coming back.
- Linda

Bob is certainly, without a doubt, the best massage therapist that I've ever had!
- Katie

Always a great massage! He knows how to get deep to relieve pain!
- Julie

I am a nurse and work 13 hour days. I suffer constantly from tension headaches, shoulder pain, and lower back pain. Robert was more than professional, he made sure I was comfortable throughout the entire massage and encouraged me to speak up if I was getting uncomfortable. He made sure to ask me my focus areas as well as areas I'd prefer he avoids. The room was quiet, clean, and relaxing. I needed a new massage therapist since moving to town and decided I liked the quaint feeling of Angel's Hand reviews, and Robert was so friendly when we spoke. I've had numerous massages in my life but this was the first one that really was able to give me relief from my tension headaches. I just got my massage yesterday, but I've made it through a full shift without a single headache or pain for the first time in over 3 years!! I would highly recommend this to anyone who is looking to relax and relieve some muscle tension. If you're on the fence, don't be, book a massage here!!
- Kelly

This was my first massage -- I was nervous, but felt very prepared by the advice that Robert sent to me ahead of my appointment. My appointment started right on time, and Robert was extremely professional. The room was clean and smelled nice. I asked to focus on relaxation, and the massage was very relaxing. I carry a lot of tension in my shoulders and neck. Robert applied just enough pressure to take me to the edge of discomfort, but he was clearly attuned to my responses and knew when to pull back. This was a great experience and I would definitely return and recommend Robert to friends.
- Joel

Excellent communication to ensure we had a positive experience! I'm glad I chose Angel's Hands for my first massage, and I'll be recommending it to my friends and family!
- Brittany

Bob always know exactly what I need and where I need it. I dont ever have to give much guidance. He is in tune with what my body needs, especially during fibromyalgia flare-ups.
- Sara Almaraz

This was my first experience with Bob as a massage therapist. He far exceeded my expectations for the session. I have had shoulder and back pain for a few months now from an incident that happened on the farm. I visited a few other massage therapists closer to home and didn't find much relief. Searching the internet I found Bob and read his reviews which were all great a decided to give him a try. After a 90 minute session with Bob much of the pain that I was experiencing in my shoulders, neck and back is gone. I will continue to drive the hour to have Bob as a massage therapist.
- Nathan

Bob provides a highly professional, therapeutic and relaxing massage. His therapy room is immaculate. He provides a variety of massage techniques at various levels of pressure which highly effective for relaxation and rejuvenation. I highly recommend Bob.
- CG

Robert has a gift being able to combine anatomical and physiological knowledge with intuitive touch. I had practiced as a Licensed Massage Therapist and Reflexologist from 1996-2006 in Chicago and Bloomington, and have only rarely recieved a massage that both addressed my soft tissue needs and felt nurturing. Although it was my first massage appointment with Robert, and although I came to him with injuries from a car accident, Robert was able to find and relieve trigger points and stretch muscles as if he could see with his hands into the structure of my body. As well, the healing intent of Robert’s focus translated through his touch, so that I felt at ease and able to deeply relax. A week later I still feel the benefit of his massage!
- Michele

Halleluiah! Angels hands indeed. Rob is very professional and knows exactly how to use his knowledge of the body to best treat your aches and pains. I recently had my first massage by him and definitely will be going back. I suffer from Spina Bifida Occulta. My lower lumbar bones fused when I was younger causing poor range of motion. My lack of mobility creates constant tension throughout my back and shoulders. I have frequented many health care professionals for my condition; including chiropractors and physical therapists. Massage is an important part of my therapy and has to be done with careful attention. Rob provided me with a thorough deep tissue massage that fit my specific needs. I highly recommend him for whether needing a relaxing massage or if you have troubling aches and pains that need an experts touch.
- Cody

I had a massage two days ago with Bob after several weeks. My shoulders and neck were very tight and I knew my massage was long over due. I wasn't disappointed! Bob did a great job getting my muscles to relax. Although they were stiff the next day, I was very happy.
- Monica

In the past, I thought massages were just a basic spa experience for people who want to relax their mind. However, I have now learned the physical benefits of massage after experiencing reduced muscle soreness, less stiffness, and improved balance in my body. My massage helped melt away the tension built up from a busy lifestyle spent mainly sitting at a desk. I recommend Angel's Hand Massage & Bodywork because Robert is skilled in knowing how to work the muscles through many different techniques to maximize the benefits of the massage. An added bonus is the loyal customer rewards, so the massages are of great value without sacrificing quality.
- Anonymous

I didn't really enjoy this last massage but I really needed it! I benefited from it because I had a bunch of tight muscles in my neck, shoulders, and lower back that needed to be worked on. Bob did a great job loosening these tight muscles. I am so glad I didn't wait any longer to get in. Thanks, Bob!
- Monica

Robert continues to amaze and provide an awesome massage, works the soreness out of the upper back and shoulders. One of these times might have to book a 90 minute session.
- David

Bob knew I had very tight muscles in my neck, shoulders, and back going into my massage session. I was very pleased that he knew where to find the tightness and his trigger point technique is so effective. I left feeling much better.
- Monica

My first time with Robert, his experience and love of his work were evident from the start. His studio is warm and cozy and puts you in a relaxed atmosphere the minute you walk in. He is willing to talk to you or just let you relax and enjoy the experience. Already booked my return visit. Awesome job, thanks.
- David

My massage was great! The essential oils added a nice aroma to the atmosphere. My massage was very personalized and was able to work out muscles that were giving me trouble. I feel much more relaxed!
- Melanie

Bob is very knowledgeable about our bodies' muscular system and his massages prove it. My massage was very helpful in relieving the tension and sore muscles in my upper back, shoulders, and neck. I recommend him to anyone!
- Monica

I was long overdue for a deep tissue massage and Rob was the best massage therapist for the job. Rob is professional and talented. After my massage I was able to stand up straighter and I sleep like a baby all night. The next morning I felt great and had more energy to do my morning workout. A massage by Rob is now part of my new fitness goals.
- Ken

Angels hand was my first massage ever in my life and I had a wonderful experience. I'm a college student and have two job on top of that so I needed a way to be relax and so I decided to get a massage and Rob did amazing job! He work on part of my body that I had pain on and was very nice. He will make you comfortable and ask before he does anything. Don't be scared is normal to get a massage and it doesn't matter how old you are! ^^
- Nina

The massage was just what I needed after the hectic holidays. Very professional and comfortable during the entire experience. Thank you!
- Amy

I love massages and have used several therapists in the area. Robert is by far the best provider that I have found! After several injuries and surgery, Robert was patient and kind. He made me feel very comfortable and the services were outstanding!! He is my new best friend!
- Laurie

My husband and I had a great experience working with Bob. It took a while for my husband's and my schedule to line up with a time to schedule a massage, but Bob remained very patient and helpful during the whole process. Once we were able to get a time scheduled, the massage didn't disappoint. His workspace was neat and clean, and Bob was very professional. Without hesitation, I would recommend scheduling a massage at Angel's Hand!
- Anonymous

I have to echo the comments related to professionalism and effectiveness - Robert does a very good job. I would recommend his services to anyone who inquires. A very positive experience.
- Nat

I had been having problems with my neck and have had two massages that have greatly helped the problem - amazing massage!!
- Anonymous

Robert was great! He was professional and wanted to make sure I had a enjoyable and beneficial massage. I highly recommend him.
- Jenny

I came in with a wrecked body from running, being a mom, and a PE teacher. He was very in tune with what I needed and kept an open line of communication the whole time! Definitely going to be a returning customer :)
- Annie

I recently had a deep tissue massage with Robert at Angel's Hand. The massage was very relaxing. I slept so well when I got home that night and still felt relaxed when I got up the next morning. Thanks for a great Massage
- Ron

Robert was the first masseuse that I have ever used in my life. I was always skeptical and nervous about getting a massage, but Robert eased my worries with his sincere and trusting nature. I can tell a difference in my everyday activities post massage. As a woman who lives an active and hectic lifestyle, I would highly recommend Robert to help you relieve your mental and physical stress from your body.
- Kirsten

I have had a plethora of massages in my lifetime, and as a physician find it fairly easy to tell when a therapist knows what they are doing and when they don't. Robert found muscles that were tight that I hadn't thought of since medical school, and had amazing technique that helped loosen every one of them. A great combination of strength, knowledge, technique, and innovative thinking that made for a truly unique, and most importantly, therapeutic experience for me.
- Ashley

Robert was great. I came home for a relaxing girls weekend with by best friend and both really enjoyed our massages. I have always had serious knots in my right shoulder and he did a great job working them out. He took the time to explain his techniques too and made us both really comfortable. I'll definitely be setting up another appointment next time I'm in town!
- Laney

Bob has a terrific sense of what the body needs. He's intuitive and makes an effort to find the spots that need attention. Highly professional, discreet and confident, he will make you massage feel like the luxury you deserve! Definitely a special experience! Treat yourself!
- Julie

My massage was very relaxing and soothing. He was very comforting and professional and the massage was everything I needed to make my body feel better and refreshed.
- Anonymous

I've worked with various massage therapists over the years, and I can honestly say that Bob at Angel's Hand Massage and Bodywork is one of the best. Like many people, I carry a lot of tension in my back and shoulders and in just one session he was able to locate and release the stress points. The atmosphere is relaxing and professional. It is always an all around great experience!
- Lisa

A friend of mine, who went to massage school with Bob, recommended him because she wasn't able to do massages at this time. Wow, am I glad she did! After only the second massage yesterday, I received such great relief from muscle tightness in my shoulders, back, and neck. I've been to different massage therapists around town but Bob knows what he's doing. Anyone needing a massage? I recommend him absolutely.
- Monica

I have had nothing but positive experiences with Angel's Hand. Bob is extremely professional, and he truly focused on the client. He will focus on certain areas if needed, and prioritize the client's comfort and relaxation. I personally had a hot stone massage last time, and it was amazing! He knows various techniques, and always listens to what the client. I would, and do, recommend Angel's Hand to anyone!
- Marlee

I love Angels Hand massages! They work with you and your specific needs to develop the perfect custom massage. It was a great experience, I definitely recommend them!
- Allison

Bob does a wonderful job of making you feel comfortable during a massage. He listens to what you have to say, gives you his advice and suggestions and continues from there with a massage completely customized for you and your needs.
- Mandy

It was very relaxing and professional. I felt that I was given a very good massage and I enjoyed it the whole time. It was very nice and a pleasant experience.
- Jessie

I recently had a 60-Minute Massage with Robert, focusing on my neck and shoulders. I've always held my tension in my neck and shoulders, but recently I've been experiencing headaches daily. Robert's techniques were perfect and just what I needed! Through trigger point work and various massage techniques, I left my appointment feeling like a "bobble head". I definitely recommend Robert for massage, especially if you are needing specific trigger point work. He has great pressure and touch. He made me feel very relaxed and comfortable.
- Anonymous

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